Mr. Delgado is known among clients and peers for providing creative solutions to complex immigration and nationality issues.   Dr. Delgado also has been serving our community for years by providing free seminars, workshops and other volunteer services to the Southern California Latino community.

Mr. Delgado has immigration experience serving a diverse array of clients, including multi-national corporations and their executives, small/medium-sized subsidiaries of foreign parents, and individuals on a wide variety of immigration matters; including investor-entrepreneur, employment-based immigrant, L-1, H-1B, E-2, and other non-immigrant petitions.

Mr. Delgado is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of the firm’s clients. Mr. Delgado has grown to be one of the premier advocates of the community in needs of his legal service, strategically using a combination of litigation, policy, communications, and alliance-building strategies to get results. Mr. Delgado is highly respected in the field of immigration law and is seen as a bridge builder within the community of various foreign nationals and the rest of Southern California.

Fully bilingual and bi cultural, Mr. Delgado serves as a resource and is often interviewed by international media on United States immigration matters.

Mr. Delgado derives strength from his immigrant past. He emigrated as a child from El Salvador during the height of the Civil War which claimed thousands of innocent lives. As the first in his family to graduate from College and Law School, Mr. Delgado promised to use the opportunities and privileges afforded to him to advance the lives of his community.